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Phantom Be Bop

Posted in poems with tags , on April 3, 2013 by Phillip Barker



Back off of Smith Street
Little Mo  – laying it down

Old Jack, drunk and screaming
In a schizoid break to beat the game
Playing matador with trolley cars
Tilting at windmills
Shitting on the sidewalk

And the Kick keeps pounding
Double bass murmuring
Like aural chocolate
Dripping into my ears.

The sharp back taste of codeine
And the long mean itch of despair…

And the cars are flying
And the young Chinese boys smile
And offer a taste__
and beer laden athletes
Fall in the gutter
And choke on their own bile

A buzzing sweet and low saxophone
B3 and Leslie taking the pulse

‘N the all night laundrette
Full of working girls
In out of the rain
No money tonight
And they buy me coffee
And we discuss co-dependency
And Blaise Pascal.

Phantom be-bop – fast 12/8

“There are only two kinds of men:
the righteous who think they are sinners
and the sinners who think they are righteous”.

Blaise Pascal