from a line by Lilly


liquid musical tide
fills full this quiet mind
waves seething, hungry gulls

From a purloined line belonging to Simon Lilly, spindled and mutilated by me.



5 Responses to “from a line by Lilly”

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    If you change it that much, it’s only the idea you’re taking – and that’s permissible. But it’s nice that you give credit for it and direct readers to the original. 🙂

    • Credit where credit is due – and Simon is a phenomenally good poet/writer.

      I think you’d really like his writes Rosemary – his Celtic Tradition work is excellent.

  2. As a sharing of creative rivers, a pity it isn’t done more often in this way. We all fire and flow from each other’s notions, whether we acknowledge it, or realise it. Everything is a translation from pictograms, multiple tastes of the same fruit……

    • Broke a reasonably long dry spell Simon. The original was a killer line – I hope a few people follow it back to yours to read it.

      There’s a story that ABKCO successfully sued someone for using the words “Hey , hey, hey” in a breach of the Rolling Stones copyright on Satisfaction… can’t be bothered researching it – but amusing if true – almost as funny as John Cage’s estate suing Lennon for the silence at the start of one of his albums – breaching the copyright held on 4’33″…

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