Blog Tour 2013

Step one: Acknowledge the person and site that involved you in the blog tour.

To begin let me say I actually have no idea what the “blog tour” is – but it sounds kind of fascinating. To me a blog tour is trying to catch up with all the blogs I’d usually read but have become incredibly slack about actually following up on. Perhaps your search engine can enlighten you on the minutiae.

My good friend Rosemary Nissen-Wade put out a call for volunteers with an offer of coffee and biscuits next time we’re in close enough proximity for that to happen. I believe it was actually for a biscuit but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to negotiate up from one when the time comes.

I’ve been a fan of Rosemary’s poetry since I first stumbled into her Haiku on Friday and Tanka on Tuesday sites on Myspace a while ago. I received a great education into those two forms from her and the other participants.

If you don’t know Rosemary’s work, please, do yourself a favour and pump her name into your search engine of choice and simply work down her list of online material. I don’t want to provide links – do the work. You’ll be rewarded with some really splendid reading

1) What am I working on?

Currently? I’m working on a music project which is draining the urge to poetry down to a slight trickle. I have two pieces brewing. One is about sitting down on Dynon Road, Footscray at 3.00 AM trying to light my last rain sodden cigarette while watching the rats hunt in the gutters up and down the street. Autobiographical.

The other is about sitting on the side steps of a friends house in Kew watching the litter drift across the tarmac of a Coles parking lot – once again at 3 or 4.00 AM.

Other than that – I’m thinking about trying to recover a collection of poems I lost in a computer crash and generally sort out both the paper and digital incarnations of my work.

I’m also trying desperately to interest myself in committing a few more pieces to spoken word incarnations but as I’m already wrestling with that software for a few hours a day sorting and editing guitar tracks… I’m not making much headway.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I honestly have no idea. I just don’t read enough poetry on line to tell – and I have a bit of a problem determining just what genre a hell of a lot of my work is in anyway.

I have a hard time maintaining concentration when I try to read on computer screens. My eyes hurt – my brain starts to ache – and my body starts subliminally screaming to be elsewhere doing anything other than trying to read pale blue or grey print on a glaring white background.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Pretty much just to show off I think. I love words and I love being a smart-arse with them.


4) How does your writing process work?

Inspiration comes from many sources. There are times when I can just pump haiku out at a great rate – because I’m tuned in to what’s going on around me. At the moment I just don’t seem to be able to “STOP” and let the world happen.

I love doing variations of Burrough’s cut-up method. I’m usually on the look out for collections of things that might make good cut up material. A friend recently saved a couple of months worth of cryptic crosswords for me to go through to see if there was material there for an extended cut up – or series of them. A few years ago I collected a HUGE file of spam from various email sources and I occasionally run through that. I just scan it and write down words or phrases that jump out of the page.

Another variant on theme I’ve been looking at is the Hebrew mystical system called gematria. Words that have the same numerological value have a relationship. I’ve gotten one extended piece from that method so far. Hopefully there’s more to come.

I also have a large collection of notebooks and steno pads full of things seen on the street, conversations overheard and signage that borders on the ridiculous. This material sits beside musical ideas so I often come across things whilst trying to find that elusive chart I wrote anything up to twenty years ago.

I think that, basically, what I’m saying is that when the obsession takes me I write and when it doesn’t I don’t. I have much less discipline in writing than I do with musical endeavours – which may be because writing is essentially solitary. I play music with other people and as I’m usually being the dictator in those endeavours I feel much more obliged to carry my share of the weight.


Step 3: Who’s Next?

I took on this piece of volunteerism with the specific proviso that I not be forced to go and “volunteer” anyone else to do it. But if you’re interested feel free to cadge the questions or get in touch for any bits I left out.


4 Responses to “Blog Tour 2013”

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    I’m fascinated, and very glad I bribed you into doing it. I have long observed that for my multi-talented friends things go in phases — for a wile it’s all poetry, then suddenly that stops and they’re painting or something. In your case, making music. Me, I have only poetry, so if that ever falters it’s pretty scary.

    • I’m glad you did too. I’ve always hated the “first-person” stuff – but enjoy reading it back whenever I have my arm twisted to do some. Thanks for the challenge Rosemary. It reall was quite fun – but I do apologise for being, unusually for me, quite flippant about it….

  2. Brilliant write Phill!
    I love that you have music and I love the clever music you make with your poetry when you feel the urge.

    This is really fun getting to know you better as well. You and I have some common threads but we pluck them so differently at times it is hard to tell. For example we both are Dada and Surrealist fans. However I feel you have mastered the nonsense far better than I.

    I hope you always write when and where inspiration take you because the rest of us are enjoying the ride.


    • Thanks so much Delaina. I love that I have music too!

      I have about eight pieces i’m thinking about being “clever” with at the moment – but I also have a heap of blues tracks to mix down so… the smart-aleck in me is left champing at the bit while the editor has to do his thing.

      I don’t really think one masters surrealism – you just succumb to it when it beckons, siren-like, from the rocky coast of the subconscious. I’m not really as dAda as I sometimes pretend to be – but arrant nonsense does cover a multitude of sins and ineptitiudes.

      I really must get your blog/s into my blogroll too! Good heavens! I just noticed I have none of Rosemary’s 4,378 blogs in the roll either!

      Now I’m off to read your show and tell – just after I feed the armadillo and the piranha are getting restless in the pond as well! Here kitty kitty kitty – here kitty kitty kitty –

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