Zero and the Chinese Whispers


Negotiating a shaky path
Through an unexpected
And thoroughly disconcerting
Internal traffic jam

Slowly modulating textures shift
Soothing on the psychic FM station
Broadcasting for a week of Sundays
On some deep internal frequency

The alchemicals kick in –
In the furnace thoughts congeal
In the bubbling alembic
Seven dark ideations per hour distil
Producing one light relief daydream per day

A precisely hand written cypher
Arrives by lethargic carrier pigeon
Ninety-two years,
Three months,
One week
Two days
And fourteen hours late…
“Send three and fourpence”

Charleston, long out of style
He brushes down the tux
Digs the white tie from the bottom drawer
And makes an appointment with Gudrun
Valkyrie Maitresse de Dance
At the Stellar Studios
On a Verdun back street

He’s making book
On the outcome
Of this morning’s peak
Neurasthenic gridlock

Eddie Cochrane slides in
Breaking the ambient flow…
“I’m havin’ a…”



2 Responses to “Zero and the Chinese Whispers”

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    Love it. I keep re-reading.

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