wind-blown sand across the dunes
tired, wandering mind
wants to fly, just can’t settle


10 Responses to “Dune”

  1. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    Nice juxtaposition of wind-blown sand and wandering mind.

    • This one has been brewing and shifting for about three weeks. Just couldn’t quite remember the first version which I stupidly didn’t write down. This isn’t exact but it’s very close.

      It was a fun write Rosemary. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Lovely haiku!!! Love that posted image!! So…transexperiential!!

  3. Christina Carson Says:

    Philip, long time no hear. Great to have you back. Lovely poetic image. Been there too often myself…can’t settle…

    • Hi Christine – great to hear from you.

      The poetic well has been pretty dry lately. I’ve been playing a bit of music but putting most of my time into politics, so my writing has been mostly short rants on the political situation here in Oz. And that definitely doesn’t belong in the “Hag”.

      Poverty has also been getting to me – and that tends to drain the creativity markedly. But that’s a cyclic thing and will resolve when I once again realise that anything more than a couple of hots and a cot is really all that’s needed.

      Was a time I’d fill the silence reposting old stuff and try to back door my way into creative endeavours by going into an intense “edit” phase – which was exactly what this blog and the more sustained ones mentioned and linked to on my home page was about.

      I quite like this poem too. It’s a pretty accurate reflection of what’s happening internally at the moment. Hopefully more will follow if I can just settle a little and still the chaos inside and just – listen

      • Christina Carson Says:

        Fear is a first class prat. Fortunately for you, sounds like you know exactly how to spit in its eye, float above the chaos and let the silence remind you of what is only momentarily forgotten.

        • I’m pretty bad at multi-tasking creatively – it’s either music or writing. Lately it’s been music and political writing. Always love a good preach on the joys of our social democtaic state – and now that it’s failing…

          It’s not really fear with me though – I get a kind of chronic fatigue at times. Or a psychological malaise if you will. So… exhaustion rather than fear.

          • Christina Carson Says:

            I hear you. I know that feeling well, especially since I so rarely get out in nature these days. Too many people around; too little silence. I do cut a wide swath around politics, however. That one drains me utterly. I can’t believe we sit here watching this country go down the tubes and do nothing but wrangle for power.

            • Christina – everything’s politics. We’re having a major assault foisted on our way of life — personal freedoms, unions, medicare, welfare, the refugee crisis (we just throw them into concentration camps in other countries – it works for our Prime Minister). And a lot more as well.

              I’d normally avoid it too – but it seems to me it’s important to get the message out – so I’m turning as many people as I can onto John Ralston Saul and generally stirring things up as much as possible.

              Pump Manus Island, and Reza Berati into your search engine of choice and you’ll get the reason for my splenic attitude… We tend not to accept this kind of rubbish from our politicians usually – but somehow this guy (Tony Abbott) slipped in under the radar.

              Wish us luck as our great country slides into the mire of racism and corporate greed…

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