Smoke – Mirrors



your eyes
in dreams
paint me perfect
smoke and mirrors
on a dappled dawn

A few weeks ago my friend and mentor, Rosemary Nissen-Wade, put out a call for someone to co-write a few tanka as a series of love letters, the results of the co-writes to be considered for publication in Writer’s Digest. This is a response to her lovely little tanka which I won’t put into print here because it may infringe their rules in some obscure and pedantic manner. Perhaps she’ll add it as a comment later. If she does, note that hers comes first in the pair. Also, The Lovers, the poem immediately following this, was written the same way – though that one was me providing the initial five lines and Rosemary trumping me soundly with the following five – which appear in the comments there.


2 Responses to “Smoke – Mirrors”

  1. Me your mentor? Quite the other way about at times! Here’s my verse to which yours responds (and in this case it’s you who did the trumping):

    you shape dreams
    into swirling colours
    on your screen
    where I fail to find
    an imaqe reflecting me

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