Riff 2 ~ riffed off and ripped off, in the nicest possible way


A couple of posts down you’ll find “Riff” – which was me doing my thing with the titles of Joan Van Houten’s “Notes” on Facebook. This post  is her response from some of the titles she found on this blog. Enjoy – she’s a great writer – and what she did with the meagre material on offer is quite – heart-warming really.

Chronicling the rapture,
Drowning trees await the storm.

Draped in cheap red satin,
The Black Queen sings the witching hour.

Predawn river twirled
on the tips Of fingers
dancing in moonlight
and bliss.

 She sends him a postcard.
She cradles her bleeding heart
As she whispers of daydreams …

Laughing ghosts
walk back and around,
Vinyl voices grinding out of tune.
Old songs,
licking the bricks of broken rooms,
Old wounds
worm-holed and forgotten.

A portrait of eternity lost to time…
The slow, easy crest of stone cold faces
Etched in places that have never been.

Crystal waves shatter on the shore.
Broken, she bleeds.
She waits no more.

(c)  Joan Van Houten,  2013


4 Responses to “Riff 2 ~ riffed off and ripped off, in the nicest possible way”

  1. You are too modest for your own good. LOL. I had a treasure chest of inspiration to work with here!

  2. Ah – the treasure chest – yes… enough said about that I think. Can I have the map back now?

  3. Good job, Joan – gorgeous! (And I agree, you had good material)

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