Moon low, sun high
The rails stretch out
And in lunacy’s first light
Even heaven hesitates today

Drowning here
Shifting fears move again
on the black widow’s tears
What it all means?
chaotic dancers stomp out of time

Moonless night –
corporeal expressions
as the flesh speaks
in whispers –
dark self-portrait
– a thousand shades of grey.

Down to the local haunt
bone cracking bass –
music too loud to allow thought –
Dead-lover prowls the periphery –
Dead? we can only hope
gone – too far past midnight
On – into the day’s first hour

This poem is based on the titles of works by my good mate – Joan Van Houten.. In the not too distant future we’ll be doing a spoken word version combining the fun she had with my titles and the hard slog I had with hers… So – WATCH THIS SPACE


4 Responses to “Riff”

  1. Oh so lovin’ how this is turning out!

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