It’s election time in Australia and once again I find myself trying to remember how long ago it was – in a “two party preferred” system – that anyone in this country actually voted FOR someone rather than just choosing the least obnoxious option. That doesn’t include the huge swathe of voters who vote the party line without reference to the moral decrepitude of the particular purple candidates on offer…

America – traded away
freedom and liberty
for an iphone and SUV


2 Responses to “Liberty”

  1. So good to see you back and with comments that could have been as easily said in our part of the woods. Surely with 8 billion people on this planet, we could find one or two people capable of honest, intelligent leadership that is motivated by something other than money.

    • It’s the nature of politics… the major party version anyway. You have to be willing to sell out your ethics for the party line. And in that first step EVERYTHING is up for grabs.

      There are one or two people that are in it for the right reason – Ralph Nader for example – and our Green Party. There are probably good people running independently on the right as well, not just us pinko rats. :))

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