Raj Biswas

John "Res" Burman took this photo


a pre prandial stroll
Raj Biswas hungrily seeks
A perfect flower

photo courtesy of Restless John  Burman


2 Responses to “Raj Biswas”

  1. Hi Phill,

    Yes the photo looks as though it was one of mine before you went to work on it. I did put it out with a haiku or tanka once I think or I might have just sent it as a flower greeting. Something I usually reserve for the girls! Old sexist that I am! LOL
    Nice to see you recycling it and giving it a new lease of life.
    Hope all’s well with you Bro. I trust you are enjoying the winter cool.

    • There was a slim chance I just went looking for a lotus and swiped it. I don’t remember your chop on it though,

      I hate the heat Res… so yeah – I’m enjoying the winter. beautifully sunny and cold day today. YUMBO

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