Broken Drum Sutra



Broken Drum Sutra

echoes in the depths of night

accenting silence

1 February 2011


8 Responses to “Broken Drum Sutra”

  1. Wooo … kinda spooky, deep and dark. Is this what insanity sounds like? Love it. 🙂

    • indeed it is – according to the MMPI anyway… and even big pharma can’t find a drug for this… I believe the note is “stay in bed – do not seek help – there is none”

      Damn those Minnesotians and their Multiphasics!

  2. I love this, Philip. It’s so soothing. Dark, yes. But it’s moving….the beats are fabulous. Thank you for sharing this. It’s your, yes?

    • All mine except the photo that it’s all based on. A pal called vah took that one and it reminded me of the Pali script – or Tibetan.

      I posted a bunch of similar musics lately –

      BTW – it’s moving eastwards – but at a very slow rate so it should be catchable if you hurry

      • I’ve been away for a bit, Phil. Have a lot going on over here. 🙂
        I’ll certainly be taking a listen, though.

        • I think you’ll like some of it. There’s a LOT of stuff – I suggest you just start the top one playing and do other things in other tabs while they play through. That’s as clear as mud isn’t it? you’ll work it out I’m sure.

  3. Phillip,
    Awesome –
    Thanks for sharing

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