Aim – with TJ Garvie




I found Jesus in your AIM.

Pink and fleshy, delicate,
sinless with your stroke.
Your mantra nuzzled my ear
as I gazed into your AIM;
a gasp. You dipped your inkstick.

© Copyright T J Garvie 4 June 2013


To read a little bit more of this amazing poet go HERE.

And it should be noted – and it was remiss of me not to mention it on the post –  THIS, which appears further down the list, was inspired by a banter and acrostic TJ and I engaged in a few moons back. My write – her instigation. Thanks cobber.


Image by Phillip Barker


2 Responses to “Aim – with TJ Garvie”

  1. You are too kind. You provide the inspiration and light the fire in my belly to compose.

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