Coca Colonial


Thematic conundrums
bite like bad lemonade
The eerie scent
of Formaldehyde.

goes about his
quiet, exotic business
like a man possessed
of a secret
sinister purpose
that will brook no scrutiny
beyond the most mundane

The Big Weird
collapses like a house of cards.
As the bedrock shakes
and the lies
that have constructed worlds
are exposed
like raw nerves,
red and aching.
Worlds collapse.

Pop coca-colonialism
at its most vicious
and insidious
– Discuss.


Oct 2009

I found these four fragments on a scrap of doodles that I did sometime in the late nineties. Spiralling – and buried in a mass of “pass the time” scrawls.

The graphic is a shameless rip off and modification of an advertisement for a popular credit card. What Jackson Pollock had to do with credit cards is a beyond me…


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