Lithium Toxic



lithium fuelled moments
Dull – like a morning fog
Or shroud across my mind.
A long slow weekend in Turin.

Eyes closed – listening to the echoes
In a square full of doves.
Reverberant billing and cooing
And the susurrus of morning coffee
Al fresco
Delivered by obnoxious waiters
With unctuous voices

On the frontier
Uncomfortable with the mania
And the long obsessive rituals
So hard on the road
When no one speaks the language
Sliding into the dark
The black dog nipping at my heels
While I whimper in a cheap hotel.

The logistics of avoidance
And the oft counted pavement bricks
In the square below the balcony
While the nausea of vertigo
Fights with the shrill need
To complete the task
For the seventeenth time

At the crossroads again
Waiting for old Scratch
or the hypodermic relief
As I sell my soul
For another month of normalcy

May 2008


2 Responses to “Lithium Toxic”

  1. Beautifully written of the feelings of the time.

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