The Long View



South, somewhere near the border
drinking from a well
by the gates of the prison’s ruin

A goodly dream –
– half created
– half remembered
– a brief moment’s respite

The great ram
being driven to be shorn
while, on the hillside
we dine well
fish, fresh from the river
this year’s corn, the fields now fallow
below us in the valley
and olive dip, from the grey trees surrounding us

bellowing indignity
– and the children laugh
– and smack his trembling rump

The memory rolls over me –
disjointed, incomplete
an irresistable tide of feeling

Late afternoon    – the sun weak
as the day drags
thoughts of home
fill me with longing
and my mouth
with the sour taste of regret

“Remember to thank mother”
and you sighed
Your husband’s son, not yet shaving
unaware of the perils that lay
along the trail you embraced.

Within all our comforts
tales that must be told
repeated internally,

Could we but go back
beyond one night’s madness
your mind, unclean
red night
burnt offering
the black dog screaming
sacrificed on your grim lewd altar
built with the ice of tears
your bestial incantations
drowned in blood
His sinews tied back your raven hair

The lens of your insanity
magnified those tiny perversions
into crimes so dire
I had to run
and have never stopped

The smell of the coals –
wafts through the prison’s broken walls

April 2013


17 Responses to “The Long View”

  1. No matter the subject or subjects, this piece has its own beauty…its own way of being…

    • Thanks Jo Jo. there is an internal logic to it. But I think I’m probably the only one that’ll see it… which is possibly for the best. Glad you enjoyed it – Then again – it has sheep so…

  2. Its good to see you writing again 🙂

  3. Phill, I love this one, Bro. And, as you say, it has a sheep in it! Delicious!

    • You leave my sheep alone Reso. he’s not that kind of boy – but he’s anyone’s for a good haircut – and most people’s for a bad one.

      It was a “fun” write res. Took ages after I got the original material. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Love this and really live the picture 😉

  5. More like – “if you believe this kind of superstitious nonsense i have a few acres of sea front property you may be interested in… oh, and are you in the market for a bridge in Brooklyn? Good money to be made on the tolls…

  6. This was in the spam pile for the post:

    “Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.”

    You have to wonder – what the HELL are they going to try out? There’s something “recommended” in the post somewhere? If so – I fail to see it.

    Spam – ya gotta love it – and look at me! talking to a cyberbot – AGAIN…

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