excellent green tea!
and I’m OFF! to serve the ku.

ancient trees
drink long of the flood
willow fronds caress the waves

water, gurgling over the falls
upstream – reluctant to come

leaves spiralling gently down
to race along the river

she paints her picture
he writes a final few lines
they retire, content.

a bell, fading quickly
still rings in my mind


April 2013

A bit of explanation for them what likes the minutiae.  These stanzas are my part of a haiku / tanka cooperative write – right? It happened down the ways a bit – in the comments for “Sullen Birds”. If you want to  see the development of the piece and read the other participants great contributions scroll down – it’s worth the trip.

The graphic is an edit of a painting done by my sister… actually – it’s a photo of the rim of the cup she was using to clean her brushes. She looks at me like I’m nuts when I take photos of this kind of stuff… bless her cotton socks.


7 Responses to “Ringing”

  1. What a perfectly stunning offering!!

  2. whimsy mimsy Says:

    your voice echoing
    throughout the long dark hallways
    that have become night

  3. […] (Folded into the tanka sequence “Ringing” which is here) […]

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