Sullen Birds


one last summer day
cold wind under low black clouds
sullen birds gone quiet



27 Responses to “Sullen Birds”

  1. crows on the wire
    wind swinging them silently
    summer has ended

  2. Too cool you two. Thank you for such a treat.

  3. She paints her picture
    He writes the final three lines
    they retire, content.

  4. jvonbargen Says:

    Brill, both of you!

  5. Don’t let the brat fool you – he’s taught me just about everything… 🙂 brought me up right from a lass who spouted “awesome” and wrote sappy love-pomes 😀 . HE is the master…

  6. […] Here is the original text from comments off the original haiku on his blog…I just “stole them” from his pages to have a copy of my own.  Phill is a true master of many arts, and a dear friend. You should check out his plethora of work! […]

  7. They trade compliments
    Present virtual bouquets
    Haiku warriors

  8. Mercifully short
    Bad haiku (just like this one)
    Can be soon forgot

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