Black Flowers

 already memorised
 the shadows touching your mind
“sing me the winter”

 Into the darkness
 The shapeless night of dead souls
 Black winter flowers
 Scentless, shiver in the breeze
 Seek the heart in this madness?

 Desperate midnight
 The cold wind cuts like a knife
 Out on the island

 across pale parchment
 blood drenched pen inclines
 grim icons of need


15 Responses to “Black Flowers”

  1. HOLY geez, Soma. Need me to send you some happy?

  2. 3 minutes by five times? Would that be consecutive fridays? Alternate fidays? or on an ad hoc basis?

  3. jvonbargen Says:

    Yep. Mimsy’s right. Pretty dark! But then, that’s the nature of poets, isn’t it? It’s why we all love a rainy day.

    • It’s the nature of some poets… I like rainy days because of colour – everythings so… vivid – rather than washed out by the sun.

      I’m going to work up a spoken version of this – but am thinking of reversing the order of the stanzas – whaddya think?

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