Belfry Rats




I view, through a pinhole
Your sadly eclipsing intelligence.
Madly and adroitly espoused
Yet plausibly ingenuous theories,
Expositions and diatribes on some
Imprecise and inexact nihilistic tangent

Hear – through a static hailstorm –
Your mesmerising insistence
On the essential nothingness.

Your repressing opinions,
Cognitively suspect connections
To be taken seriously
Only when the nineteenth lager and lime
Has crossed the blood brain barrier
And this vapid nimbus of nonsense,
These arrogant passionate rantings
Take on an obscure lunatic sense.
As I follow the path
Looming from the mist
Toward the potential tragedy
Of the high cliffs
Of your encroaching madness

Another joke at our expense
The colouration accident
In a tanning salon,
By yet another
Spray on health fanatic…
Poor little darling –
asleep under lights
While mistakenly draped
In a fish net body stocking
And huge star shaped shades…

Sardonically I wonder
Would not your sad obsession
with dark matter
And the enmeshed disfunctionality
Of society in its
Addiction to fast food
Brain deadening
Conspiracy theorising
Currents and eddies
Be better utilised
By the burgeoning terror
Of the military-industrial concerns
Talking goats to death
And walking through walls
To the next meeting
Of the “BIG IDEA” think tank
Convening in conference room 101

“Darling”, you say
“I believe you have rats in your belfry”

Sept 2009


6 Responses to “Belfry Rats”

  1. Always liked this one, Soma!

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