Gypsy Dream




Slow slide into slumber
Shifting oil-slick patinae
Resolves into something
That could have been painted
By Yves Tanguy

Green three-dimensional grid
Flashing red highlights
Through muting smoked glass tiles

Still image of the moonlit sea
Clouds scudding
Breaking up the silent surf

Cool breeze from the water
Gently implied
In one silent, perfect moment

Pale pastel-green gypsy caravan
Vine highlights ~ forest and emerald green
Bare earth, threadbare plants
Smoking chimney –
Coffee’s on.

Demented Djangoista
Sublime gyspy guitar
Balladic three-finger exercise
Sondheim – Losing my mind

On the map – three friends head north
But I know the map ain’t the territory
And try as I might –
Delving, turning it around
Finding the angles, tangents, trajectories,
I can’t find the story
the narrative escapes me.

“You should see this!” she says
Sun bright halo
Sea-green eyes
Twelve foot chain link fence
lush green,
and yet mean in aspect
Desperation oozing from every pore
A trailer space for me I’m sure
If I will just submit.

Sad gypsy violin
Grappelian musings
In shifting offset ninths

I open the exquisite pillow book at a random page
Breath on my neck, then a kiss, then a sigh
Hands across my eyes
Teeth gripping my ear lobe
Wet, sharp
A whisper
“Guess who…”


4 Responses to “Gypsy Dream”

  1. Good heavens man, leave the wildlife alone! If you’re not chasing it, cooking it or eating it, you’re spanking it or waking up with it nibbling your ear! But I know where you’re at, man , I’ve known a pretty goat or two in my time! LOL 😉

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