We spend the slow afternoon
Slipping, dipping into the ocean
And we are dark oceans to each other
Slipping into intimacy
Dipping into each others minds
Sharing our secret places
By this river
Long, sun-drenched afternoon
We drift and
As everything merges with the night
I watch the arc of a diver
Her atoms merging with the river
We strike an unusual balance
You playing “But if…”
“If only…”
Me insisting on “This moment”
And in the chill air,
The mage fooled by swirling energy
And a diver’s eternal arc
We are lost to ourselves
And each other
The baby’s on fire
fevered and restless.
You sing to her
of the sparrowfall
And out over Fire Island
Spirits drift
Mist devils
Transmitting and trumpeting
The close of the day
I wander the hollow lands
In the failing light
See Pierre, buried in the shadows
Belgian forests, and white crosses
Stretching to the horizon
The simplicity of the line like
Something magnificent by Tal-Coat
Quartz crystal
Gleaming future.
Spirits screaming
Some of them, old
new-born from the stillness
Bone bombs under stars
How many worlds I survey
Above the white cliff
The Fat Lady singing
Valhalla’s glory in broad strokes
Above the Ardennes

(Based on titles from Brian Eno’s discography

with a backhander from Viv Stanshall’s catalogue)



17 Responses to “Ardennes”

  1. jvonbargen Says:

    I know this from before, but it never had such beauty and magnificence until this very moment! Thanks, I needed that, mate! Unbelievably exquisite.

  2. In some ways that was the problem with NAVWORKS – things got lost in the haze of frenetic posting. I love Eno’s work – and he is a master at naming tunes. Great material to work with.

  3. Julie Seefeldt Says:

    Wow! Wanna go swimming? Lol! Awesome yet again Phillip!

  4. 🙂 I agree with Jo – exquisite.

    I lost so much that I put on Navworks, and other places. I had/still have a very naughty habit of just letting poems lie around and get buried under rubbish, or lost in the shuffle… 😦

    • Learn the lesson! Text files are good….

      • 🙂 well…yeah. I know. I forget or play like we did the other day on your birds one…and just never remember to go back and get them later. 🙂

        • So – break the habit… I’ll probably pull my parts of “birds” out and build it into a seperate chain. You should do the same thing. Might need to write a few connectors – but it’s a nice chain. You KNOW a renga rule is don’t use the same noun twice on a page right? :))

          • nope – I know no rules. 🙂

            • Liar liar – pants aflame… You KNOW the rules! I bet you have full printouts of Jane reichhold’s articles around – if not her books.

              You rebel you!

              • LOL well thank you – now I had to search her to see even what you were talking about! No – I didn’t know that was a renga rule, but NOW I do. 🙂

          • and – easier said than done. Can I pull yours with it and post it with a link to you?

            • It doesn’t need mine to be good – yours stand alone. But yeah – you can do it that way.

              I worry about doing that because I lose track of people. And then there’s copyright – and “permission” issues. But… you have my permission to use the work… though of course, if WordPress goes down permanently… I will sue when the proof no longer exists.

              • Consider anything I’ve put in emails or on your site a present. 🙂 even if you lose track of me – which I won’t let happen haha.

                Ill screen shot this conversation. You can last me with wet noodles later.

              • “Last” you with wet noodles? You think you can outlast MY wet noodles? It’s the lash for you girl! The lash I say – and I have some pretty tough ramen soaking as we speak to deliver the punishment!

              • 🙂 oopies…well we already know you said 3 minutes…so it was a Freudian slip then perhaps. 🙂

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