Be Still


Be still, friend
And get by rote.
Perception depends upon memory
Become transfigured
Accept the devotion
While you disconnect

Be still, friend
Let ecstacy be unconfined
Let the coin drop
And remember
The shadow falling across your soul
Tracking a moments devastation
Be still, friend
Demonstrate your devotion

Be still, friend
Become transformed
As the wind whistles and howls inside
Lashes your tears to things long gone
Long gone – but not forgot
Walk in the wind
Be still, friend

The shame in the depths?
Be still, friend
Believe the impression
Left by a spinning coin
Chance, and heavy boot print
Test your devotion
Test your perception
Your dim memories

Invisible spirit, haunting,
Leading you on
Forcing you back
Accept its devotion
Just, be still, friend

I see the impression
Sense the icy, disgusting touch.
Your book,
Should be a book of flowers
And soft pillow talk.
Be still, friend
And tell your story.
The ink will understand.
And memorise the fingerprints
The rude heart.

Be still, friend.
We see the coin there spinning
The ghosts upon your shoulder grinning
We taste those bitter tears.
Read your ink
Hearts sinking
In our nice white rooms.
And the idea of that
Coin, eternally spinning
Will not


9 Responses to “Be Still”

  1. jvonbargen Says:

    Ohhhhh, that was NICE. Very calming. Soothing. An influx of Michael Jackson juice slowing infusing, taking hold. Magic. Pure magic. I’m going to the grocery now. I think I can finally drive. One of your finest, mate. Smoooooth. This one goes on mp3. If you don’t want to read it, I will. Not sure how magic sounds in Texanese, but we’ll see this afternoon. I see you’ve also studied hypnotism. And timing. And rescuing drowning friends. Namaste, mate. Slowed my breathing LOADS.

  2. Wonderful! My favorite line, “…And tell your story. The ink will understand.”

    • Thanks Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Not sure where those lines came from. This whole thing only took a few minutes to write… though it took bloody months to edit!

  3. Love! You amaze me with your thoughts and depth. 🙂

  4. Julie Seefeldt Says:

    This was a beautiful poem..I loved still friend .. 🙂

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