The (Honourable) Panjandrum


Mind shut , mouth open,
Through my thick blanket of thought
I do not see the sky

“Arghh” says old Rupert
“Them poets be dangerous folk”
tries to sell me a fox

The pale plague years
Great white wave of destruction
Spreading, shore to shore
Slow sunset now, for us all
As new heat brings ancient ice

Easter Island dream
embracing modernity
infinite stone faces

with little emotion
sea advances relentless
on a wide flung front
we swim or sink together
under the pure white poles

gasolene rainbow
spread out across the tarmac
no more whale kebabs

Murder, sport, weather
cheap home-brand food
TV and the dole
new bread, and new circuses
The secular opiate of the masses

The sad poetical whisper
By screaming political lie


4 Responses to “The (Honourable) Panjandrum”

  1. jvonbargen Says:

    Whew! Brilliant, relevant, timely! The indictment hammered onto the facts without compromise. Good on ye, mate!

  2. jvonbargen Says:

    I would never knowingly eat a whale. Ever.

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