Me ineptum. Interdum modo elabitur.


at the edge of night
the usual warnings apply
“out there be dragons”

once again charge,
Quixote like, into the dark
all warnings unheeded

*    *    *    *

contemplating line
the irresistable attraction
of lost and broken things

*    *    *    *

china white
dragon uncurls gracefully
above the ivory bowl

*    *    *    *

Vision’s grim allure
deep black water in my cup
dreams, three a penny
warmth in my hands
slowly spreading

*    *    *    *

Chinese white dragon
Soft floating dreams, a few per gram
Tonight’s chase begins
Fire in the attic? Who cares?
Hours pass, nights blend into years

*    *    *    *

spider on the spike
neurotic narcotic night
blood on the pillow

*    *    *    *

From the next tiny room
A waft of opium, a sigh
A tear, frantic reverie
A nightmare’s ceasing
Slide into glorious slumber

*    *    *    *

reminds me of death
once-upon-a-time lover
when she calls, I go

*    *    *    *

Mapping the bruises
Deep, somewhere behind her eyes
I decide not to call
Tonight, as the chill descends
Take up the bottle again

*    *    *    *

spilled shot glass staining the table
ink stained fingers pick out a blues

*    *    *    *

these tiny monsters
crawling, shallow, beneath my skin
hot, slow night draws out

*    *    *    *

Soft breeze, music drifts
Up and down the midnight streets
Blue wisp of memory

*    *    *    *

I know when to run
when to burn the evidence
often eludes me.


11 Responses to “Me ineptum. Interdum modo elabitur.”

  1. Mouthwateringly delicious! This may scent my dreams!

  2. jvonbargen Says:

    Wow. I haven’t lived that, so not quite up to speed. Brilliantly written, however. See, for sheltered people like me you may have to translate both title AND poem! Love the flow of it, though!

    • “My bad – it just kinda slipped out”

      The stanzas are all seperate pieces going back over five or six years. I matched a couple up yesterday – then went hunting for more to add. Should be down with “Janita”. As for the poem – I’ll send you a glossary.

  3. jvonbargen Says:

    Sorry. That was a pretty lame response, not at all worthy of an obvious gem.

  4. jvonbargen Says:

    I’ve often thought we should really get something straight between us!

  5. Oh yeah – I forgot the punchiline – *slaps head HARD* OUCH!


  6. Julie Seefeldt Says:

    Wow! I like it! And I can relate to some of those lines..ya dig? 🙂

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