iPoem 2.0

I,I,I… I,I!
I,I,I… I… I,I,I.
I? I,I… I! I!

I want a new toy
I don’t really care what kind.
I want five grand’s worth of
fireglo Rickenbacker 6 string 340
I want a Vox AC30
I want a Jim Dunlop WaWa
or a Mutron!!!

I want a new bike
I want to leave a smaller carbon footprint
I want to be able to
feign belief in global warming
I want to be convincing
In my endless diatribe

I want to embrace
the latest fads
I want more money
to make me feel complete

I want an intern like Monica
Who loves cigars
Is always hungry
But doesn’t forget her dry cleaning

I want more cake!
I want a bigger slice of your pie
I want a 3D TV
And surround sound 9.9

I want duck rice
I want a bigger bath
I want a talking book
to remind me to write

I want to preach on Sundays
I want a gold ring,
a gold watch,
an Armani suit
and Gucci shoes.
I want a flock of obedient sheep
To invite to MY corporate mansion

I want three bucks for a coffee
I want thirty bucks
for a JB Hutto CD
I want three hundred smackaroos
to pay my power bill!

I want to come in
I want to go out
I want to fall over
I want to get up
I want to share my feelings
I want to hide my grief
I want to get out of here

late August, 2010


15 Responses to “iPoem 2.0”

  1. jvonbargen Says:

    You know you don’t want any of those glam things, except possibly 5 o6! It wouldn’t be like you to join the moneygrubbers. It’s a great poem, though, mate!! I so get the last one.

  2. Mate – I REALLY do want a Rick 360… beautiful guitar and I want at least one great ax before I die! The rest… I want to fall over and cake would be nice.

  3. jvonbargen Says:

    Cake. I can do that. But I’ve only got a banjo.

  4. jvonbargen Says:

    …if you know what’s good for you! Got my shit-kickers on, pointed and shined.

  5. jvonbargen Says:

    Eight guitars and wanting more? Pfffft. There are starving children in India, my mother’s voice floats by…

    • You’d deny me my voice? I have six mediocre… adequate guitars that do certain things well – but all have faults and foibles – and I have two excellent machines that need a LOT of expensive work on them. A Rickenbacker is a unique voice – and one I’ve been craving for years. One good guitar… And – btw – if our gummints got off their collective posteriors and realised the UN’s estimate of .6 of a dollar of GDP – world hunger would be solved… So… I want my RICK!

  6. jvonbargen Says:

    So…at the beginning, you’re binary now?

  7. jvonbargen Says:

    So…a bi-binary. You just HAVE to be different.

  8. jvonbargen Says:


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