Crucifying Kesey


The long road train
Down from Q
Gasolene guzzling,
And reeking of dead beef
And too much caffeine

In the juke joint
I’m holding Aces
but she’s got all the queens
and a stash of tarot
that can only spell out one thing
radiant entropy

I detest that hated statue of Jesus
riding up on her dash
head bobbing in time
to the rhythms of the road
mad-eyed smile
says yes to everything
anything goes

The broken Spaniard
seeking the alkaline permission
of a quick fix behind the wheel
whilst she sorts through
the silent objects that fill his mind

Induction, initiation

the wanderer
stumbles into the old cemetery
out on the edge of town
wallows in the rust and dust
fluorescent daydreams
dirty little mind

Heaven’s sultry demon,
In a dull white policeman’s hat
begins a slow tombstone dance
whilst he, entranced
by the sway of her breasts
remembers there’s been
no relief for sixteen weeks
so he considers horning one out
but his bladder’s totalled
and Little Richard’s on the juke box
so he watches the dance
and eats a three week old tuna sandwich
the hallucinatory possibilities  are endless.

he imagines more conflict
but with so many high profile jacks –
this being the first weekend
Of the biannual Police and Thieves regatta –
he fears lightning litigation
and a sharp dose of summary justice
just what the constable ordered…

On a stony beach skirting Quasimodo’s island
the charitable trust sets up the tables
the booths for various
crystal gazers
and demented Byzantines
just off the boat
that sank by the pier.
The omens  aren’t good
the food’s worse

I fall
tonights auto da fe
the clear, dark sky
As Blue Eddie
bashes out a Cole Porter tune
with his hot brass quartet
and I thinks to myself
which is no mean feat
in a situation like this
with the stakes so high
and the bar set so low
Anything Goes…


* this was created by folding, spindling and mutilating the titles of the stories in Tom Wolfe’s Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test


5 Responses to “Crucifying Kesey”

  1. jvonbargen Says:

    …and what a fine executioner you are, Cerberus!! Ken’s rollin’ over in his crypt! Love that grey matter of yourn!

  2. For any that are interested – these are the section titles from The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test:

    Black Shiny FBI Shoes
    The Bladder Totem
    The Electric Suit
    What Do You Think of My Buddha?
    The Rusky-Dusky Neon Dust
    The Bus
    Unauthorized Acid
    Tootling the Multitudes
    The Crypt Trip
    Dream Wars
    The Unspoken Thing
    The Bust
    The Hell’s Angels
    A Miracle in Seven Days
    The Frozen Jug Band
    Cosmo’s Tasmanian Deviltry
    The Trips Festival
    The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
    The Fugitive
    The Red Tide
    The Mexican Bust
    Secret Agent Number One
    The Cops and Robbers Game
    The Graduation

  3. Your mind is a wonder! Love your writes, Soma … but you already know that!

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